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Place Diverter Droop Snoot & Ride Plate Kit

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Place Diverter is proud to introduce to you a Droop Snoot that offers advanced engineering and versatility by design.SHOWN COMPLETE WITH DROOP,RIDE PLATE,AND BRACKET.Steering Extension not included…

This Droop Snoot is by far the most advanced Droop Snoot on the market.It has a radius venturi flow chamber,creating a smoother,quicker transition.For quicker planing,it has a cast in fin for an optional adjustable ride plate mounting.Machined accurately for proper nozzle tolerance,minimizing leakage.The PDC Droop Snoot offers the lowest thrust discharge in the industry,creating more lift with approx.8 degrees of up angle.Shoot a huge rooster tail.Kits comes complete with gaskets,bolts,and bushings.SHOWN COMPLETE WITH DROOP SNOOT,RIDE PLATE,AND BRACKET.Steering Extension NOT Included..

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