Place Diverter & Controls

The PLACE DIVERTER is the original up-down adjustable nozzle. Designed in the early 1970’s, out of pure necessity, PLACE DIVERTER has become the industry leader in nozzle design. Designed for the family cruiser and perfected over the years with extensive research and development on the lake and liquid quarter mile. The PLACE DIVERTER will give you the ultimate in performance, safety, pleasure, and fuel economy.

The UP-DOWN nozzle brings another dimension in control to the jet boat owner. Now the driver can control the bow attitude of the boat from first thrust to high speed. This added control makes skiing easier for both the skier and driver. The driver keeps the bow low for faster planing and better visibility. The PLACE DIVERTER also allows a much slower planing speed, which is so essential when teaching a new skier, or for fuel economy.

For the driver who has quickness and speed in mind, the PLACE DIVERTER is adjusted down for straight ahead, low bow takeoff and immediate planing with constant visibility. At high speed the driver adjust the diverter to the up positions and the bow rises, this reducing the wetted area to improve top end performance.