Olds 350-455 10 Quart Stern Drive / Jet Drive Performance Oil Pan

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Olds 350-455 10 Quart Stern Drive / Jet Drive Performance Oil Pan

Marine oil pans are subject to special conditions. Closed engine compartments create a lack of air flowing around the oil pan causing higher oil temperatures, which can destroy the lubricating properties of the oil in low capacity pans. The motion of the boat in the water sloshes the oil in pans that don't have correct baffling. Air is ingested through the oil pick-up resulting in momentary loss of oil pressure. The oil is tossed into the crank, which foams and aerates it. The pounding effect of oil in the pan cause fractures in pans without reinforcement.

  • 1/2"-20 drain plug
  • Pickup Included

The design and construction of Dooley oil pans insures there are no problems, even in the roughest conditions. Here are just a few of the Dooley oil pan features:

  • High capacity oil sumps
  • 16 gauge steel construction
  • Precision oil baffles
  • Block fitted and double leak checked for a perfect fit every time
  • Gold iridite plated for corrosion protection
  • Tig welded for maximum strength
  • Oil temperature gauge bung provisions
  • One way oil control doors ensure oil is contained at the oil pump pick-up where it needs to be.
  • Uses existing engine mounted windage tray

These oil pans offer a value unsurpassed in the marine industry today.


Length: 20"

Width: 9-5/8"

Height: 7-3/8"

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